Nrthern Rockies Reining Horse Association

Northern Rockies Reining Horse Association, is a NRHA Affiliate located in the beautiful Northern Rockies, catering to reiners of Montana, Idaho, Washington & Canada by Promoting Reining at the Grassroots Level

The Northern Rockies Reining Horse Association (NRRHA) is proud to have hosted the first ever National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) approved reining competition in the Bitterroot Valley in 2007. The event was held at the Sapphire event center in Corvallis, Montana.

NRRHA will be offering an 2013 NRHA Affiliate Circuit & Year-end awards in conjunction with MRHA. These Reining Horse shows will be held in Western Montana. 

As an NRHA affiliate, the NRRHA is part of the NRHA Mountain Region. Individuals who qualify by winning points at designated shows throughout the year are then eligible to represent NRRHA at the NRHA Mountain Region Affiliate Championship Finals in Denver, CO.. Click here learn more about the NRHA Affiliate Program.


1st place Rider: Dane Goeden, Horse: Texas Traveler, Owner: John Laprade
Dane Goeden (NRRHA Director) riding Texas
Traveler owned by John Laprade.
2011 NRRHA YE Novice Horse Champions

10/30/14 NRRHA Brief:

Dear NRRHA Members:
The 2014 NRRHA Year End Points have been posted to our website for your review - Please click here to review Our three qualifying Year End Points shows are: Reining in the Root I, Reining in the Root II and the Big Sky Classic.  I have only included the top three in each class at this time.  We will break any ties according to our NRRHA Bylaws for the final posting.  If you want to know where you placed among the standings, e-mail me and I will be glad to get you that information.

Please take a moment to review the points for accuracy.  We are allowing 30 days from this posting (today, October 30, 2014) for any errors to be brought to our attention for correction (in writing, through e-mail please).  After the 30 days allowance the points will become final (November 29, 2014).  

Please forward any correction requests via e-mail to me: so I am able to keep track of them.  I will research your request and make any necessary corrections for the final draft.

If you have any concerns as to how the points are calculated you can find that information on our website in our bylaws.  If there is any reason you would like to see the rules changed or modified, that request would need to be proposed at the Annual Membership Meeting next year.

Thank you for your participation in the NRRHA!

Membership count: 61

Click here for the PDF Format of the Oct 2014 NRRHA Brief
Click here for the PDF Format of the Previous NRRHA Brief


The Year End Points Are Posted—they will again be posted for a 30 day accuracy review prior to being finalized. After the 30 days allowance the points will become final (November 29, 2014). ...- Please click here to review

Reining in the 'Root' Show Results

Entry Level

Dear NRRHA Member,
By clicking here you will find a letter to our NRRHA membership explaining the board's recommendations for the club going forward.  We encourage a healthy debate with our membership and intend to take into consideration everyone's opinion with regards to the future of our club.  Before responding, please be aware of the challenges that the NRRHA faces and offer solutions in a constructive and respectful manner to all of the members of our club.

Thank you,
Chris Palin
2014 NRRHA President
(406) 546-7788

NRRHA Board Meeting 9/17/14!
*Following is an overview of our last Board Meeting…
 Discussed: future of NRRHA—will get a survey with challenges/opportunities out to the membership for input. Will look into using SurveyMonkey to distribute.
 Motion (Passed): Suspend all pending or future membership applications until future of club is determined.
 Reported: Affiliate Reimbursement from NRHA is at $1,750—No Board Members are planning on attending RAF in Denver, but there may be other activities we can do to earn more reimbursement. Chris will check into it.
 Formed: 2015 Budget Committee—Tina Cladouhos & Marie Goeden
 Discussed: Constitution & By Laws—Dan Browning will review any proposed changes if needed & report back to the Board.
 Discussed: Communication & Promotion—Cyndee will post Brief to website, Chris will e-mail membership info or use USPS if no e-mail is available for membership communication.
 Reported: Memberships: 54 Annual / 7 Lifetime
 Discussed: Nominations/Elections—following positions are up for election @ the 2015 Annual Membership Meeting: VP, Secretary & 3 Board Positions
 Motion (Passed): Draft paperwork to NRHA to shift NRRHA to NW Affiliate.
 Motion (Passed): Adjourn



Proofs from the Reining Shows can be viewed and ordered online.

Click Here to Take a look Thanks for doing our shows Caleb!


Townhouse Inn at 406-363-6600 2014 NRRHA Host Hotel~ Townhouse Inns, Hamilton, MT

$69.99 event rate per night


A block of rooms are available until April 11th, 2014at this price, so make your reservation soon!! Townhouse Inn at 406-363-6600 will be the host hotel. See you at the show! Click here to Reserve Your Room



Reining in the 'Root show series

RIR I—April 25-27, 2014 @ Sapphire Event Center, Corvallis
Judge: M. Christina (Tina) Kuenzel, Cave Creek, AZ
RIR II—June 13-15, 2014 @ Sapphire Event Center, Corvallis
Judge: Darren Stancik, Monroe, WA

Watch for show forms to be updated on our website soon!

In addition to the two RIR shows, we are utilizing YRHA's Yellowstone Slide III for our Affiliate Qualifying series and MRHA's Big Sky Reining Classic for our Year End Points Qualifying show.

Mile High Slide & Mountain Affiliate Finals
September 24-28, 2014 - National Western Event Center, Denver, CO
Judges: Spike Holmes & Flis Sassella
Show Manager: Mike Craig 719/495-3130, Cell 719/440-4201
Show Secretary & Stalls: Sandy Proctor Fax-719/647-1786, Cell-719/320-6720
Show Representative: Gabe Garrison Vendors: Gabe Garrison 303/709-7665

THANK YOU! To the YRHA & MRHA for supporting NRRHA by including our events in your Wrangler updates—we appreciate you and look forward to a great show season in 2014!

**Sponsorship Opportunities**

NRRHA can not be an effective NRHA Affiliate for our members without the support of sponsors that are gracious enough to donate to our club. If you or someone you know would like to sponsor our events, please contact Carmen McFerrin @

NRRHA 2013 Year-End Standings
Click here for results


Proofs from the Reining Shows can be viewed and ordered online.

Click Here to Take a look Thanks for doing our shows Caleb!





2014 Show Volunteer Request

In order to produce the best possible show for the NRRHA, we are going to need volunteer help. Please see listing below and email Chris at if you are interested in helping us at our events.

  • Set up / Tear Down (man-power!)
  • Scribe (sit with the judge during class(es) and complete scoring sheets—can not be a scribe if you are showing—sorry!!)
  • Gate (manage gate area, make sure contestants are ready, post unofficial scores on whiteboard, coordinate arena drags)
  • Runner (take documents to/from secretary to appropriate party)
  • Awards (track and deliver awards to class winners)
  • Paid Warm-ups (schedule & run paid warm-ups for show)



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