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NRHA Affiliate Designation Due by 8/1/15

To all our members: Please be reminded if you intend on qualifying for the NW Affiliate Regional Championships to be held in Nampa, ID (top 15 horse/rider combinations in each NRHA qualifying class) under our club, you will need to designate the Northern Rockies RHA before August 1 Please click here for designation form

Please click here to inform yourself of NRHA's rules & procedures and contact me if you have any questions.

Following is the Northern Rockies RHA 2015 Affiliate Regional Championships Circuit of shows:

4/23-24/15 GWRHA's Best Little Derby, Nampa, ID
6/19-21/15 MRHA's Slide into Summer, Livingston, MT (affiliate standings are posted on NRHA's site through this show as of today) Click here to View them
7/30-8/1/15 YRHA's Yellowstone Slide III, Wilsall, MT
8/26-30/15 MRHA's Big Sky Reining Classic, Kalispell, MT

Thank you!
Chris Palin, NRRHA President 2015

Contact Chris Palin, NRRHA President for details; 

1st place Rider: Dane Goeden, Horse: Texas Traveler, Owner: John Laprade
Dane Goeden (NRRHA Director) riding Texas
Traveler owned by John Laprade.
2011 NRRHA YE Novice Horse Champions


Northern Rockies Reining Horse Association, is a NRHA Affiliate located in the beautiful Northern Rockies, catering to reiners of Montana, Idaho, Washington & Canada by Promoting Reining at the Grassroots Level

The Northern Rockies Reining Horse Association (NRRHA) is proud to have hosted the first ever National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) approved reining competition in the Bitterroot Valley in 2007. The event was held at the Sapphire event center in Corvallis, Montana.

NRRHA will be offering an 2013 NRHA Affiliate Circuit & Year-end awards in conjunction with MRHA. These Reining Horse shows will be held in Western Montana. 

As an NRHA affiliate, the NRRHA is part of the NRHA Mountain Region. Individuals who qualify by winning points at designated shows throughout the year are then eligible to represent NRRHA at the NRHA Mountain Region Affiliate Championship Finals in Denver, CO.. Click here learn more about the NRHA Affiliate Program.

NRRHA News Breif 2/27/15

Click here for the PDF Format of the Feb 2015 NRRHA Brief


There has been some speculation as to the status of the NRRHA. Last fall, we sent out a letter to our membership regarding the challenges we've faced. We received a few responses and everyone understood the board's agony in making the decision to not host shows in 2015. In addition, most members didn't want to disband the club so, we decided to offer an option to our members for the 2015 show season.

However, the option to change our affiliation to the NW Region has caused a bit of confusion. We, therefore, intend to clarify this decision and reasons behind it. The board considered the pros & cons of moving our affiliation to the NW Region and came to the conclusion it will give Montana reiners an option they have not had in the past: either attend the Mountain Regional Affiliate Finals in Denver, CO through another MT Association, or choose the NRRHA as their affiliate and attend the NW Regional Affiliate Finals in Nampa, ID. We felt most, if not all, of the Montana trainers will attend both shows – Denver, because that is the region Montana clubs have always been aligned with, and Nampa, because it will be in conjunction with the Low Roller Reining Classic which draws a big following. Another point that seems to be confusing to people is how to qualify for regionals. Please see the NRHA's 2015 Adequan North American Affiliate Program Conditions for complete rules. Following are a few highlights that seem to help clarify most questions:

Circuit series conditions:
 Affiliates are required to include a minimum of three (3) shows.
 There is no minimum or maximum number of shows that a horse and rider must attend.

Affiliate Regional Championships Qualification:
 A rider may qualify in only one region and for only one Affiliate.
 The rider must be a member of their local affiliate at the time of competition for points to count toward regional finals qualifications.
 The top fifteen (15) horse and rider combinations plus ties from each class offered in a circuit qualify for the ARC.

North American Affiliate Regional Championships Conditions:
 One ARC per region will be held for affiliate circuit qualifiers from the affiliates located within each respective region.
 Qualifiers to the Adequan/NRHA North American Affiliate Championships will be determined from the ARCs in each region.

Adequan/NRHA North American Affiliate Championships:
 The North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) shall be held in conjunction with the NRHA Futurity and Championship Show in Oklahoma City, OK.
 The top ten (10) horse and rider combinations, plus ties, from each of the ARCs will advance to the NAAC.

Now, we don't assume just because we have changed regions everyone will join the NRRHA and we are going to "take over" reining in Montana~ That is not our intent. We felt this option might just entice more folks to participate in more shows this year. Many who may have never (or seldom) attended a regional show due to travel/cost restraints or they are overwhelmed by the location (maybe because they don't get a chance to show there except for that annual Regional show?). For trainers in Montana, it could be a win-win – some of their clients will always go to the Mountain Region finals, but others may want to try the NW Region finals. Either way, trainers may have an opportunity to have more clients at more shows… which means more business (for trainers) and more competition (for riders)!

Our first Regional Affiliate Qualifying show is the Best Little Derby being held in Nampa, ID in April. This will give riders an opportunity to show in the very arena they may show at Regionals in! In addition, we are in full support of our friends at the MRHA and YRHA and have also chosen shows from their schedule(s) in which our members will use for Regional Affiliate Qualifying (see show schedule for full details). We hope this entices more entries for those club's shows.

Lastly, we are here for you, the reining enthusiast~ Although we have changed up our schedule for 2015, we hope to continue offering valuable options to our reining friends. Without your support this club may have to again face some tough decisions in the future. Please consider becoming involved in order to continue the NRRHA and provide opportunities and education to reiners in the Northern Rockies region! Please don't hesitate to contact any of our Leadership Members with questions. Contact information is on the website:

Thank you, Chris Palin, 2015 NRRHA President; 

Thank you for your participation in the NRRHA!

The NRRHA Board announces:
NRRHA 2015 NorthWest Region
qualifying slate of shows

2015 NRRHA Affliate Circuit: NRRHA qualifying shows for the NW Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC)

Show #1 April 22-26, 2015 ~ Nampa, ID GWRHA's The Best Little Derby in the West

Show #2 June 19-21, 2015 ~ Livingston, MT MRHA's Slide into Summer

Show #3 July 30-August 1, 2015 ~ Wilsall, MT YRHA's Yellowstone Slide III

Show #4 August 26-30, 2015 ~ Kalispell, MT MRHA's Big Sky Reining Classic

October 14-18, 2015 ~ Nampa, ID Northwest Regional Affiliate Championships

Please note, there are no requirements for the amount of shows you need to participate in, the only require-ment for qualifying for the RAF is that you are within the top 15 (plus ties) of our clubs standings in your class at the end of the season. We felt that by offering this slate, it will give a broad range of shows for our Eastern WA, ID and Western MT club members to attend while supporting other clubs within our area.
We are pleased to once again be able to consider the BSRC for our slate of RAF qualifying shows!!


Dear NRRHA Member,
By clicking here you will find a letter to our NRRHA membership explaining the board's recommendations for the club going forward.  We encourage a healthy debate with our membership and intend to take into consideration everyone's opinion with regards to the future of our club.  Before responding, please be aware of the challenges that the NRRHA faces and offer solutions in a constructive and respectful manner to all of the members of our club.

Thank you,
Chris Palin
2014 NRRHA President
(406) 546-7788

Proofs from the Reining Shows can be viewed and ordered online.

Click Here to Take a look Thanks for doing our shows Caleb!


THANK YOU! To the YRHA & MRHA for supporting NRRHA by including our events in your Wrangler updates—we appreciate you and look forward to a great show season in 2015!

Membership count: 61

Click here for the PDF Format of the Nov 2014 NRRHA Brief
Click here for the PDF Format of the Oct 2014 NRRHA Brief
Click here for the PDF Format of the Previous NRRHA Brief


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